About Tamara Russell

Welcome to my page where you will find all you need to keep mind and body shipshape.  I work as a clinical psychologist, mindfulness trainer and martial artist.  I link all three disciplines together in my work with individuals, groups and organizations to promote Body in Mind and a more mindful way of living – whatever your situation. Click the small tab to see more pages detailing my various activities and here are some videos about my way of working.

NEW! Just finished working on the paper for Frontiers in Human Neuroscience: A neurophysiological and neuropsychological consideration of mindful movement with my colleague Dr Silvia Arcuri (Brazil). Here we discuss the rationale about WHY mindful movement practices are helpful as a means to train in mindfulness and are particularly suited to those with more chaotic minds …  watch this space for more info.

NEW!  Mind-wandering workshop – using the body to understand the mind. We KNOW the power of working through the body -let’s use what we know to enhance our mindfulness training!

NEW!  Me on BBC London talking about secular mindfulness (at 2hr.38).

The Art of Mindfulnes Course – June course will be annoucned shortly.

Weekly Training in Herne Hill (timetable here).  Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Mindfulness.

Check out the Upcoming trainings .

MEDIA: Interview with Jo Childs for Run Riot is here.

Clinical Psychology and Mindfulness Sessions at the HealthHub Herne Hill.  Call them for information if  you would like to make an appointment.



Some great projects on going:

  • One exploring Body in Mind Training for mum’s with post natal depression (more information to follow).
  • A second great project looking at building resilience in medical students with mindfulnes.
  • A project offering on-going CPD and superivsion to mindfulness teachers – also watch this space – more info to follow.


NEWS (slightly old news now but still exciting!)  See photos from Dr. Russell’s dialogue about the Clinical Applications of Mindfulness with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Also a short video made by Albert Einstein Hospital.

A really great video produced by the Wellcome Trust for the Martial Arts and the Mind Event that I was a part of is here.

Tamara on Radio Four Program Brain Culture: Neuroscience and Society talking about Mindfulness (22 mins in).


Dr. Russell works with individuals and organizations advising on how to use mindfulness techniques to optimise performance and improve mental and physical well-being. She is the Director of the (currently virtual) Mindfulness Centre of Excellence, London, which has as its aim the evoluation of creative yet authentic mindfulness applications for all spheres of life.

Combining her clinical, academic and martial arts background, Dr. Russell has created the Body In Mind Training (BMT) program. BMT comprises gentle physical exercises conducted in a mindful way to enhance mental and physical well-being while you work and play.